Big Build Cosplays: Creating a Warhammer 40k Ork Big Mek (and Gretchin)

Warhammer 40k Big Mek and Gretchin Cosplay

What cosplay project do you tackle after building an 11 foot tall Aeldari Wraithguard? A massive Ork Big Mek, of course. Fred and Elle created this 10 foot tall by 10 foot wide Bad Moonz Ork for Megacon’s Masters of Cosplay competition in 2019 where it took the Best in Show. From there, it traveled to Toronto for the Grand Prix competition (where it did not fare as well, but that story is for another post). Check out the BUILD BOOK for a complete rundown of this wild project.

Project completed: 2019

Character: Zzapdakka Ammadat and Gubbinz

Genre: Warhammer 40,000

Photos: Heather Blackwell, Elle Reed, Molly Kerrigan

Click HERE for the Build Book

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